How we helped our clients take their business to another level.



ggGracie Barra Burton initially consulted with Entrepreneur Fuel back in 2012 to do a website re-design. However, over the following months, Entrepreneur Fuel provided extensive marketing services including creating 7 websites and landing pages, social media marketing, direct print marketing involving post cards and flyers, and a new VIP Loyalty Program.

Gracie Barra Burton has been open for over 12 years, but the business has seen a slow decline in memberships and overall revenue. Gracie Barra Burton needed to increase membership revenue, establish brand awareness within its local geographic market, and establish a new children’s program and women’s kickboxing program.

The Challenge:

  • Establish the Gracie Barra Burton brand in the local marketplace
  • Launch a new and improved website
  • Increase membership levels for the Adult Jiu Jitsu Program
  • Establish an After School Children’s Program
  • Establish a Women’s Cardio Kickboxing Program

We started down the road of re-establishing the Gracie Barra brand by creating a series of websites aimed at different groups of current and potential customers. We also created numerous topic-specific blogs to increase the company’s online footprint and expertise.

gg2Next, we created a print media campaign that focused on the After School Children’s Program. We utilized direct marketing techniques that included direct mail, flyer distribution, and direct sales approaches.

Having developed a website/blog network, we next implemented a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategy utilizing Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising to drive traffic to the main website and generate new leads. Traffic increased on the main company website some 400% within a 6-month period and our client increased leads from 5 per week to over 15 new leads per week.

The Results:
We not only met all the goals outlined by the client, but we far exceeded them:

  • Facebook likes went from 0 to 169 in 2 months
  • Website traffic increased to over 1300 unique visits per month (+ 39% increase)
  • The After School Program was filled up within 1 month (+ 37% increase in overall club enrollment)
  • The After School Program has since become well established within the club with an overall marketing cost savings of over $3,500 per month (social media/website optimization versus using traditional newspaper and radio ads)

From the Client:
“Robert and his team brought our website and online marketing into the 21st century. We used to rely on expensive newspaper and radio ads to get our marketing messages out. But not anymore! Not only did we save money on our monthly marketing budget compared to what we would have spent on our old marketing techniques, we actually became more engaged with our customers and saw way better results. The bottom line is that this stuff really works and my sales income has improved dramatically as a direct result of this.

Professor Jim Burchfield, Owner
Gracie Barra Burton Jiu Jitsu Academy



Howell-based restaurant TJ’s River BBQ wanted to create a loyalty club to reward its growing base of loyal customers both online and offline. The objective was to tailor communications to its customers needs, improve customer engagement, and stand out against the competition.

We implemented 2 solutions for this client. First, we launched a VIP Loyalty Club solution known as “TJ’s River BBQ’s VIP Loyalty Club” as a way to grow sales through a loyalty rewards program. Secondly, we implemented a Mobile Customer Loyalty Reviews Campaign to gather reviews and push those reviews out to the company website and selected review sites (while building a list of valuable customers). Our aim was to have a localized, personalized customer loyalty and reviews program that was easy to implement, self-service (so no resource requirements) and most importantly, affordable.

Our VIP Customer Club Program:
Our Restaurant VIP Loyalty Club and Loyalty Reviews Campaign are affordable, fully featured, loyalty programs that help our clients build and maintain a valuable list of returning customers.


  1. Set-up VIP Loyalty Club and Loyalty Reviews Campaign on client’s website and/or stand alone web page
  2. Created custom collateral for marketing purposes, including flyers, table tents and large posters
  3. “TJ’s River BBQ’s VIP Loyalty Club and Reviews Campaign launched online and in-store, as well as via social media and press releases
  4. Laptop/tablet check-in was setup at each location to drive higher customer sign-ups


  1. Local Database with Demographics: Within days, customers started signing up as VIPs, providing written positive reviews, as well as contact information. Now our client has developed a local customer database for just $40 a week!
  2. Reviews Management: Our client was able to collect many reviews, which helped drive additional new customers and build the restaurant’s brand within the community.
  3. Customer Feedback: Any negative comments came directly to us (they were never publicly
    visible), so we could respond immediately to any customer negative feedback or complaints.
  4. Reward Options: TJ’s River BBQ’s VIP Loyalty Club evolved to include monthly loyalty rewards, check-in rewards, birthday and anniversary rewards, and games/contests.
  5. Email Marketing: We were also able to email/text all VIP’s at any time with offers, special events, and announcements.
  6. Monthly Report: A comprehensive VIP Report was provided to our client and included a snapshot of customers, comments and performance.

After just 6 months of launching both the VIP Loyalty Club and the Loyalty Reviews Campaign,
TJ’s River BBQ :

  • acquired over 1,211 VIP Customers, 414 Likes, and 48 positive reviews.
  • increased monthly revenue by 28% and saw the average number of visits go from 1.3 visits per month to 2.8 visits per month.

From the Client:
“I’ve seen a 10% increase in my average check from program members over those diners who are not in my loyalty program. I was happy getting 17% – 20% response on what we were doing on our own. However, in the first month with the VIP Loyalty Club, their bounce-back is running almost 40%! I think that’s huge. Our customers love the rewards and contests. I’m pleased at this point. Guests are in awe that somebody is actually appreciating their business.”

Sherry Price, Owner
TJ’s River BBQ



“Boogie Woogie BBQ” is located in Hamburg and has been in business for about 8 years (under a variety of names). The manager contacted us in search of a solution to get his existing customers to spend more money per visit and to increase the number of carryout orders placed each month.

The Challenge:
We were tasked with enrolling, identifying, tracking and improving guest frequency and spend, and driving loyalty to the brand, as well as the carryout menu.

We implemented the “Boogie Woogie BBQ’s VIP Loyalty Club” as a way to grow local sales through a loyalty rewards program.

Results: How Boogie Woogie BBQ Grew Sales Over 15% via Our Loyalty Club
Within 2 months of the launch of the VIP Loyalty Club Program, the client was able to sign-up over 1,050 new members to its promotion and loyalty club. We sent out repeat promotions to the loyalty club members, generating 331 new redemptions (all within 10 days), with 266 redemptions for new customers who signed up in the 2 months since the launch. In other words, 25% of the newly registered customers CAME BACK to the restaurant to redeem the new promotions. In addition, the client was able to monitor the ability of its individual staff members to get new customer sign-ups and reward employees for those sign-ups. After 6 months, the client had over 2,000 engaged and loyal members, with a robust rewards program that yields significant sales each month.

From the Client:
“Our VIP Loyalty Club has changed the way we interact with our customers. Our guests have let us know they love the program and have rewarded us by coming in more often and spending more on each visit. “Our customers appreciate all the communications they receive from us. But best of all, our VIP Loyalty Club Program does it all for us.”

Daniel Kearns, Owner
Boogie Woogie BBQ



fks1For Kids Sake has been a long-term client with of Entrepreneur Fuel. Initially, For Kids Sake came to us for a website re-design. For Kids Sake has been serving the local community’s child care requirements for almost 8 years. It was For Kids Sake’s goal to provide the highest quality childcare and preschool services, in a cost-effective manner, to all of its valued families within its geographical coverage area.

The Challenge:

  • Establish a brand in the local marketplace
  • Launch a new and improved website
  • Develop an email marketing campaign and newsletter
  • Increase the number of Facebook fans and fan interaction
  • Improve and encourage engagement among community members

With ambitious plans for driving brand awareness and generating sales leads through inbound marketing, For Kids Sake needed branded marketing materials and a website that could scale as the company grew.

Entrepreneur Fuel began by developing the logo and brand identity for the company, along with print materials and an email campaign and sales funnel. We then designed a sleek website, developed in WordPress and built to support For Kids Sake’s pay-per-click and search engine optimization strategies. The website can be easily updated with fresh content and is integrated with numerous analytic and tracking programs so leads can be tracked throughout the sales cycle.

With a new website foundation in place, Entrepreneur Fuel developed a winning pay-per-click strategy to drive traffic to For Kids Sake’s website and generate new leads, increasing website traffic by over 900%. Our relevant and quality advertising tactics also allowed advertising costs per unit to decrease by over 300% in less than 6 months.

fkslikeFor Kids Sake wanted to evolve its brand into a higher-end, community based childcare and preschool center. One of the primary goals was to reach a total of 500 Facebook fans by the end of the 2013 calendar year, in order to establish a platform for keeping For Kids Sake families updated and to spread the brand throughout its community network.

Entrepreneur Fuel worked with the For Kids Sake staff to develop and execute a social media strategy focused on promoting the family-like atmosphere and one-on-one interaction between the staff and each family. Daily Facebook updates and content-specific email blasts were the perfect tool to develop and maintain a closer relationship with all of the childcare center’s families.

Moreover, using a combination of tactics, including geographic targeted Facebook ads, our strategy helped For Kids Sake increase their number of fans by 74% to approach their goal of 500 fans 8 months ahead of schedule. Engagement and conversation among Facebook fans is high, and the number of fans is steadily increasing as the childcare center continues to promote itself as the best choice for childcare within its market.